How Does IFANglobal Give You Access to a Diverse Talent Pool

In today’s highly competitive global job market, finding skilled professionals to meet the demands of specialized industries is a significant challenge. Employers and organizations seeking a diverse and skilled talent pool often face hurdles when recruiting internationally. This is where IFANglobal, a leading global recruitment agency, emerges as a game-changer, providing access to a vast […]

Nursing Talent Across The Globe: Where To Hire Verified And Trained Nurses From?

“Nurses are the heart of healthcare” – Donna Wilk Cardillo.   Nurses are the foundation of healthcare, and medical institutions rely heavily on their services. In 2020, the strength of nurses stood at an estimated 27.9 million, which accounts for 59% of healthcare professionals worldwide.   Nurses are in high demand across the globe, and […]