Nursing Talent Across The Globe: Where To Hire Verified And Trained Nurses From?

“Nurses are the heart of healthcare” – Donna Wilk Cardillo.


Nurses are the foundation of healthcare, and medical institutions rely heavily on their services.

In 2020, the strength of nurses stood at an estimated 27.9 million, which accounts for 59% of healthcare professionals worldwide.


Nurses are in high demand across the globe, and the pandemic has reflected upon the need to have more nursing professionals looking after the patients during a medical crisis. Here’s a list of countries that remain excellent destinations for nurses to start their careers.

  • The United States 
  • The United Kingdom 
  • Australia
  • Saudi Arabia 
  • Ireland
  • United Arab Emirates


Nursing is the most sought-after profession in the healthcare sector, and the demand is continuously increasing.


But which country exports the most number of talented nurses?


Biggest Exporter Of Nurses Worldwide

India has the world’s highest number of medical schools and is one of the largest exporters of nurses worldwide. In 2017, almost 56,000 Indian-trained nurses worked in the United States, the UK, Canada, and Australia.



Developed Countries Hiring Nurses From Developing Countries

Developed countries are continuously facing nursing staff shortages, and therefore to ease this crisis, they are hiring from Asia and Africa. Developed countries such as the US, the UK, and Australia are leaving no opportunity to fulfill the nursing shortage gap in their gap.

The lack of work environment in their home country and great job benefits in developed countries are leading reasons for qualified nurses opting to work there.


According to The New York Times, nations like the U.S., Canada, and the UK recruit nurses from developing countries to strengthen the workforce. However, since the pandemic began, an estimated 20% of healthcare workers have quit in the United States, whereas approximately 1,000 nurses are arriving every month from African countries, the Caribbean, and many more to fill in the gap.


From retiring nurses to others leaving the job due to work-related stress, the demand has soared drastically, especially since the pandemic. As a result, the US hospitals are looking to other countries to fulfill the rising need, creating a backlog for the professionals waiting for their visa clearance. According to the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment, 5,000+ international nurses are on the visa waiting list.


Even though there was always a shortfall in the number of nurses required by Britain, the Covid-19 pandemic only worsened it.

Britain is expected to sign an agreement with the government of Nepal to send several thousand nurses to the country amid an “acute” shortage of around 40,000 nurses.

According to a 2021 study on the nationality of NHS staff in England, an estimated 5.8% were of Asian ethnicity, and 5.4% were EU nationals. In addition, 10% of nurses were Asian, and 6% reported EU nationality. However, since the 2016 EU referendum, the number of nurses from the EU has significantly dropped.


The Nursing and Midwifery Council disclosed that in the six months from April to September 2021, a record number of 1,334 Nigerian trained nurses joined the UK workforce. There are now 5,612 Nigeria-trained nurses in the UK, a 51% increase from 2,792 as of March 2017. Apart from Nigeria, around 336 nurses joined the UK workforce from Ghana.


The above statistics prove that healthcare institutions constantly hire qualified and talented nurses from Asia, Africa, and several other regions. Here is a list of strategies that healthcare institutions can utilise to search and find skilled nurses worldwide.


Healthcare Recruitment Agency

A well-established healthcare recruitment agency has the right expertise to find the best nursing talent from across the globe without much hassle. 

A global healthcare recruitment agency like IFANglobal already has an international network and a database of qualified professionals and long-term associations with healthcare institutions.


Nursing Schools

Nursing schools play a crucial role in strengthening the sector by building a talented workforce of nurses as they provide education for a better understanding.

By associating with universities and colleges that run nursing programs, healthcare institutions can help find new talent and recruit as they graduate.


Implementing Nursing Referrals

Nursing referrals could be crucial in finding more nurses for the department. Therefore, informing and encouraging the currently employed nurses about the vacancy and rewarding them with qualified candidates can help attract more qualified nurses. 


Job Portals For Nurses

Job portals specially designed to recruit nurses are equally a potential source of finding the right talent. In addition, since only registered nurses can see the openings, posting jobs there with the exact requirement will provide more traction.


Social Media

Healthcare institutions can utilise their official handle to post nurse jobs and showcase the basic requirements. Also, joining social media groups with quality candidates can help find talented nurses across the globe.




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