5 Stress Management Tips For Nurses That Relieves

Nursing has been the most stressful job. According to a study, 87.6% of the nurses experienced stress, of which 2.1% had severe anxiety. Another study says, 92% of nurses experience stress, of which 52% have extreme stress. These studies indicate a high prevalence of work stress and demand stress management for nurses.

Nurses face stressful situations on a regular basis, from the moment they start their nursing education to when they retire. Causes of stress can be job dissatisfaction, the cases, and patients they observe, a lack of control in their workplace, conflict with managers and co-workers, or time constraints to get work done. Stress can lead to detachment from work, fatigue, and exhaustion, which may also lead to patient safety concerns. Strain in a nursing job can lead to severe health problems like diabetes, elevated blood pressure, heart problems, and mental problems like anxiety and depression. 

Nurses are the most crucial part of a healthcare force. Their mental, emotional and physical health is vital for them and the healthcare institution. 

But how can a nurse manage stress in the midst of the nature of the job?

Let’s have a comprehensive look at their stress management tips.


5 Stress Management Tips For Nurses

Be Clear Before Accepting Job Offer

When getting hired for a job role, be very clear about the job responsibilities and salary. Accepting a job without clarity can create misunderstandings that can also lead to job dissatisfaction. Working in this situation will generate detachment from the workplace and increase stress. Before accepting a job offer, bring clarity by asking questions and all the doubts.

  • Training to Perform Better Under Pressure

Doing similar activities with the same method makes the job monotonous and unchallenging. Providing training to nurses and coaching on performing medical activities with different methods or techniques can make their job challenging and bring a new lookout in their profession. Furthermore, training motivates them to work even better under pressure. 

  • Manage Diet and Exercise

Eating healthy fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and whole-grain boost energy levels at the workplace. Finding time for exercise may be difficult for nurses who have night shifts and long working hours, but exercise benefits are substantial. It helps in releasing endorphins and boost serotonin levels that can improve sleep cycles, mood, and appetite. Overall, a healthy diet and exercise maintain physical as well as mental health.

  • Spend time in Nature

People go for a walk in the park or beaches and come back feeling more relaxed and even rejuvenated. Why does this happen?

Spending time in nature or just viewing it reduces stress, anger, and fear. It has incredible psychological benefits, including reducing stress hormone production, controlling heart rate and blood pressure, and relieving muscle tension. 

Go for a walk in the morning every day or out for some time in nature when stressed.

  • Develop Emergency Coping Strategies

There are some effective emergency coping strategies to reduce nurse stress. It will help them calm down, regroup and figure out how to move out of stressful situations.

These include:

  • Take a quick break and sit quietly somewhere
  • Power nap
  • Thinking before responding
  • Taking deep breaths


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Nurses play a crucial role in medical institutions. Stress management is paramount for every nurse due to the crucial nature of their job. 


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