How Can Locum Jobs Improve Patient Care in a Local Hospital?

 As per WHO norms, there’s a need for 4.3 million more nurses by 2024 in India. India has 1.7 nurses per 1000 population, which is lower than the recommended rate of 3 nurses per 1000 population.

These statistics are scary. Such scarcity in healthcare can have a supreme adverse effect on patient care and maybe the main reason for the collapse of the industry altogether.


In such a scenario, locum jobs have proved to be the logical and effective answer. 

A survey found 85% of the healthcare facilities rely on locum tenens in the face of physician shortage in 2019. Locum jobs in hospitals not only help in filling the gaps but also improve patient care.


What are Locum Jobs?

The term locum is used for a doctor or a healthcare professional. Locum jobs are where a doctor fulfills the duties of other medical institutions or hospitals temporarily. It provides healthcare professionals with a chance to work flexibly and to see many aspects of the medical industry without committing early for the long term. Furthermore, it brings in fresh motivation and skills to a hospital they need.


How Can Locum Jobs Improve the Patient Care in a Local Hospital?

Timely Patient Care

No patient likes to wait especially when emergency care is required. Small hospitals may not have the manpower to accommodate an unexpected patient crowd. In such a scenario, locums can join forces with the hospital staff and provide timely care to the patients. They maintain the continuity of services and provide improved patient care. 

Offer Medical Help Regardless Of Location

In some areas, there is a high shortage of healthcare professionals in medical institutions. Locum tenens or locum doctors can fill in for staff and ensure that essential services are delivered to all in need. It’s also an opportunity for hospitals to expand their services and cover wider areas to ensure that nobody is left without treatments.

Helps in Adding Diverse Expertise

Hiring locum tenens helps in bringing in a diverse workforce in medical institutions. Diversity increases morale and creates efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace. It gives you access to a larger pool of talent, more skills, and experiences that can bring a new dimension to patient care and treat them with effective methods as per their experience.

Helps to Overcome Burnout 

The demanding nature of work as a healthcare provider often leads to stress, anxiety, fatigue, and burnout resulting in poor performance. To solve this problem, healthcare professionals must take time off to relax. Locums are the best solution to cover for the staff on leave. It would be helpful in the continuity of services without compromising timely patient care. 


JOBIZO – The Ultimate Platform For Locums

With a vision to improve patient care and close the widening gap in the healthcare industry, IFANflex, a global leader in the healthcare recruitment industry has introduced a revolutionary platform called JOBIZO. 

Jobizo is India’s first digitized healthcare recruitment app by which hospitals can easily book locums for their urgent needs. Jobizo is the home to diverse and verified healthcare professionals and hospitals can leverage that to fix their short-term staffing issues. 

Now healthcare institutions can share a vacancy, find verified locums, interview them virtually and book their shifts – all with a couple of clicks on their desktop! Similarly, healthcare professionals can find such locum jobs posted by institutions, near their location in a seamless manner.

Doesn’t this sound like a relief? 

Download the Jobizo app and start finding locum jobs today!

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