Omicron 2022-How Can Nurses Contribute Without Compromising Their Health

Did you know? 

Covid-19 has affected 1700+ doctors across nine states of India, and it is rising rapidly. The healthcare industry lost 450,000 workers from February 2020 through November mostly nurses and residential-care employees. 

The alarming part is that currently, we have only 1.7 nurses per 1000 population, which is less than the recommended rate of 3 nurses per 1000 population. We need 4.3 million more nurses by 2024 in India as per WHO terms. 

Due to the lack of nurses, the rising covid-19 Omicron variant is increasingly multiplying. In 2020-21 many healthcare professionals compromised their health, some of them gave their lives while treating the covid patients. 

Last year, professionals were clueless about how to deal with such an erratic situation, but this time they have enough know-how on how to tackle the pandemic. 

Let’s have a comprehensive look at what nurses can do to contribute to healthcare without compromising on their mental health. 


Takeaway For The Nurses

Several nurses and other healthcare professionals have reported high levels of burnout, and many of them left the healthcare industry due to Covid-19. 

Therefore, if a nurse aims to contribute selflessly in the Covid-19 wave without sacrificing your mental and physical health, then keep your eyes glued to this blog. 



  • Acquire Training

Inadequately trained nurses tend to bend under pressure. Neither do they perform well under critical circumstances nor do they do the regular nursing jobs in innovative ways. 

If nurses develop their skills and acquire knowledge through training, they are able to greatly improve patient care and satisfaction. A trained nurse can develop emergency coping strategies and handle multiple tasks at once which is much needed to deal with Omicron.


  • Overcome Stress and Burnout

As mentioned above, the nurses are less than the recommended rate resulting in long working hours and more responsibilities. According to a study, 92% of nurses experience stress, and 52% deal with extreme stress. 

Due to covid-19, the epidemic disease has made the working environment in the medical institutions or hospitals even more stressful. The best way to deal with it is to recognize one’s burnout level and work on them through reading, writing, and enhanced communication. 


  • Take Enough Breaks

Working round the clock, especially during emergency situations can weigh a nurse down. Seeing critical patients and providing quality care takes a toll on nurses. 

In such a situation, even the best-trained nurse can get affected. A confused healthcare worker is the most dangerous to a patient. 

Therefore, taking enough short breaks is very important for nurses. This gives them enough time to catch a breath and come back with a fresh and clear mind. 


  • Communication

Communication is the key when it comes to sharing concerns or reducing stress levels. Nurses should be equipped with excellent communication skills to address their concerns with their supervisors. 

While healthcare institutions are taking great steps to support their workforce, it is important for the support to feel meaningful to the employees.

Providing the right therapy and a platform for the nurses to speak about their trauma can greatly reduce their stress and enhance their quality of work. 


IFANGlobal- Your Partner

We at IFANglobal are disheartened to see the condition of our nurses in the present scenario. 

With an aim to change this situation, we train aspiring and trained nurses to perform better at their workplaces. We not only prepare them for their jobs but also conduct webinars to communicate and educate nurses. 

At IFAN we have a strict screening process to handpick the best person suited for the job. This creates no confusion in their job roles and helps the nurses to carry out their work efficiently.


Last but not the least, we provide healthcare institutions with temporary and permanent employees to fulfill their staffing gaps. 


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