How to Make Your Nursing Resume a Magnet For an Employer

Never let your resume fall to the bottom of the pile


Your resume has to shine just the way you will in your job. There’s a lot of confusion among nurses in the healthcare industry about what a resume should look like or even if it matters. The reason why the majority of nurses miss opportunities is they think that a piece of paper can’t make or break their candidacy. 

Let’s break this myth in this blog today!


Why is a Resume Important For Nurses?

The majority of healthcare institutions ask for your nursing resume before any face-to-face interaction for the position. Just as a video or an advertisement has a few seconds to capture attention, a resume is the piece of paper that expresses your value to the medical institution. It increases your chances of getting noticed by healthcare recruiters and you must showcase your abilities and skills on a hire-worthy healthcare resume. An excellent resume has the power to open the doors of opportunities. Your resume can make you sit in the interview or get you rejected. 


Resume Guide For Nurses

  • Write your Resume with the ATS

To ensure that your resume does not go at the bottom of the pile, you must write it for two types of audiences at once. It must look attractive to the hiring person and before you go that far your resume must pass the ATS (Applicant Tracking system). 

Several employers use the ATS to automatically reject unqualified candidates based on criteria. It can also accidentally reject some great candidates who don’t match the expected format. Make sure you use and insert those keywords in your skills, work experiences section, and professional summary that you found in the job description. 


  • Include a Professional Summary

Your resume should open with a short and strong professional summary. It must be of three to four lines at least describing your professional background, advanced skills, and achievements. You can even talk about your strengths that can benefit the position. The summary gives employers insight into your qualifications so you must include your best achievements, skills, and credentials.

For Example:

“Dedicated and patient-focused registered nurse with more than five years of experience in providing quality patient care in multifaceted healthcare specialties. Possess fundamental knowledge and expertise in administering standard treatment protocols in chronic care disease management, primary care, and intensive care“.


  • Nursing Resume Format and Layout

The layout of the resume must be very clean with easy-to-find essentials. Choosing the right fonts, size, highlighting headlines in bold, spaces, and colours make a huge difference. The information should be upfront and obvious with easily accessible contact information and readable qualifications. 

There are several amazing templates available for a resume that you can use to make it attractive. You can use a combination or hybrid resume format (blends both chronological and functional information) as it is easily analyzed by ATS and employers to review your work experience. Here is the format:

  • Opens with a strong professional summary 
  • relevant skills
  • Work experiences with the most recent position first and description of duties and accomplishments.
  • Qualifications with the most recent first
  • Contact Information and social profiles


  • Highlight Accomplishments rather than Duties

The majority of people write down their duties under the job roles in their resumes. Instead, highlighting some details on what you have accomplished in that role can be much more effective. The reason you must include accomplishments is that employers know the basic duties of specific job roles and they are more interested in knowing about your accomplishments. 

For Example:

  • Improved quality standards and overall support service by 20%.
  • Developed and implemented a patient care plan and increased patient satisfaction by 30%.
  • Provided extensive training to 12+ nurses to prepare them for leadership positions.


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