Upcoming Nursing and Healthcare Trends in 2022

According to the healthcare industry analysis, the Indian healthcare market is expected to reach $372 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 39% driven by improving access to insurance, increasing the prevalence of lifestyle diseases, better health awareness, and rising income. 

Healthcare spending is expected to increase to 3% of the GDP and the diagnosis market is expected to reach $32 billion at a CAGR of 24%. 


These statistics state the positive and progressive outlook of India’s healthcare industry.

Let’s see how healthcare delivery is evolving and what upcoming trends can we expect in 2022. 

6 Nursing and Healthcare Trends in 2022


  • Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial intelligence can organize and systemize medical documentation of patients by maintaining the records well. Overall, it will improve patient care and health records. 

The usage of AI in the medical industry is very beneficial. It can reduce clinical errors, improve personal data security, promote a better quality of care, give reliable monitoring of patients’ health, track medication, generate diagnosis reports automatically and lower operational expenditure. 


  • Demand for Home Healthcare nurses


The demand for home healthcare services has increased due to the unexpected rise in infectious diseases like Covid-19. People are more likely to get healthcare services at home instead of getting admitted to hospitals to stay safe and maintain distance from patients suffering from infectious diseases.

Furthermore, senior citizens prefer home nurses rather than skilled nursing facilities due to lack of energy, waiting time in hospitals, and chronic health issues. Therefore, home health services will increase in popularity and high demand in the upcoming years.


  • Job Growth in Nursing

The whole world is facing a critical nurse shortage. Several factors have increased the demand for nurses in medical institutions.

The increased demand for patient care during the pandemic, burnout due to long working hours, the retirement of nursing staff and faculties, and complex medical needs in hospitals have increased the demand for nurses and other healthcare professionals. 

Job growth in the healthcare industry will also open the doors for locum tenens and provide many lucrative opportunities to them. A survey found 85% of the healthcare facilities depend upon locum tenens. Locum jobs are where the healthcare professionals fulfill the duties of other healthcare institutions temporarily. 


  • Increase in Training for Nurses

Due to the shortage and high demand for nurses, educating and training them more is necessary to get maximum results. Nurses are more dependent on their supervisors and doctors for small responsibilities. 90% of the nurses indicated that they need the training to carry out their professional activities. Training and development in nursing are one of the upcoming trends expected in 2022.

It can help them become independent in performing their duty resulting in high-performance and time-saving. Moreover, it will also make their job enjoyable, ultimately reducing their stress and burnout. 


  • Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring is a healthcare trend that keeps healthcare professionals in touch with their patients remotely to manage complex illnesses and coordinate treatments. 

Several measuring devices are provided for patient monitoring to measure critical health data like blood pressure, oxygen, etc. 

There are online platforms and applications where patients can connect with doctors digitally and get immediate treatments. 

Besides, it helps medical institutions cut costs and time and deliver high-quality services without even meeting their patients.  


  • Employment in Healthcare Sector

The high demand in the healthcare sector will bring employment opportunities for healthcare professionals. The NSDC estimates that the medical industry will employ around 7.5 million people by 2022. Not just employment, but the salary is also expected to increase by the year 2022. 


Looking Towards A Healthier 2022

The scope of nursing in healthcare continues to grow leaps and bounds in the coming years. 

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