Top 5 Reasons For a High Attrition Rate in Healthcare Industry

Employees are the greatest asset because they are the contributors to the worth and reputation of any medical institution.

According to the study, an attrition rate of 26% was observed and 57% of those leaving employees were nurses. Chandigarh has an attrition rate of 12 to 14% in medical institutions whereas Coimbatore faced an attrition rate of 35% in the year 2015-16. 


Moreover, the government of Delhi hires around 300 doctors every year on short period contracts but 50 out of them resign before the completion of the contract. The attrition rate in government hospitals is even higher. 

Many medical clinics are losing employees, impacting productivity, and harming the business. Have you ever wondered why

It’s not just money that can retain an employee. There are diverse reasons why healthcare professionals want to leave medical institutions and look for better opportunities.


Let’s discuss the reasons and the proposed solutions for each of them below:


  • No More Challenges

Doing the same tasks in a redundant manner makes a job monotonous. There are various responsibilities and duties of healthcare professionals depending upon their area of work. The same old methods make the job unchallenging which forces them to lose interest in their job. 


However, there’s a way to alleviate this issue. Offering training programs to healthcare professionals will enable them to learn new skills and be a part of the medical institution for a long period. 


  • Relationship with Manager/Supervisor

Several employees leave due to behavioral issues with the supervisor. Widening communication gaps and misunderstandings can make the working environment toxic for the professionals to work.

Medical institutions can organize internal workshops to facilitate effective communication and resolve conflicts with professionals. 


  • Recognition and Appreciation

Everyone likes to get noticed for their good performance and work. When medical professional goes above the call of duty, they expect appreciation from their supervisors and staff but in the healthcare industry, recognition can be hard to come by.

Employers need to develop a culture of appreciation and recognition to make the professionals feel valued and important. Sometimes a pat on the back can work better than a salary increment. 


  • Fewer Growth Opportunities

One of the major reasons why staff leave medical institutions is they do not find growth opportunities. The lure of better opportunities outside and the rising frustration of limited income leads the employees to leave the institutions to find better work. 

Medical institutions should try and hire a diverse workforce in their team. Learning from a varied set of professionals from across the country can help them in their personal and professional growth. 


  • Relationship Between Healthcare Professionals

An unhealthy relationship between internal staff can cause major behavioral issues at work. Unresolved conflicts in the internal staff can not only force a professional to leave work but also hamper the health of the patients. 

It is significant to the medical institutions to conduct conflict resolution meetings where the staff is heard and solutions are proposed. This instills a sense of belief and relief in the professionals. 


  • Confusion In the Job Roles

Sometimes the job roles and skills of the hired candidate might not match. This results in job confusion and frustration of constant criticism. As a result, the candidates look for a better-suited job and leave the medical institution. 

Medical Institutions need a strict screening process while hiring to ensure the most suitable candidate is hired for the job. 

Our healthcare professionals are essential but sometimes undervalued and overlooked. Medical institutions should make robust systems to ensure the caretaking of each of their employees to strengthen their workforce. 


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