How hiring Indian Healthcare professionals can be the best bet for hospitals abroad?

The global healthcare sector is growing by leaps and bounds, and India is the global hub of a skilled workforce.

The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) has announced that India will supply 300,000 healthcare workers by 2022, including doctors, nurses, and allied health personnel, to several countries, including the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, Sweden, and Singapore. However, these workers would not be permanent immigrants but employees in sectors with demand surge and a demographic challenge.

The number of registered doctors with the state medical councils/Medical Council of India has risen from 827,006 in 2010 to 1,255,786 in September 2020.


India stands no. 1 with 595 medical colleges of Modern Medicine (Allopathy) and 733 AYUSH medical colleges globally. 

In addition, more than 100 AYUSH Medical colleges are proposed to come up in 2022-23.


The data above clearly tells us that India leads the pack in terms of expertise and service when it comes to the healthcare industry.  Having said that let’s have a look at what kind of challenges are faced in international healthcare recruitment. 

How hiring Indian healthcare professionals can be the best bet for hospitals abroad_ 2


Hiring an international candidate goes through several procedures, and it isn’t as easy as many would think.

From hiring costs to credentials concerns, let’s look at precisely what challenges healthcare institutions face while recruiting an international medical professional.


Recruitment Cost

Perhaps the biggest challenge in international healthcare recruitment is the cost involved and the bureaucratic procedures that eventually increase the hiring time.


False Credentials

Hiring a professional can be a risky business for institutions if there is any loophole in the vetting procedure. Since employers don’t want to risk hiring candidates with false credentials, they tend to prefer professionals with pre-verified credentials. However, if the hiring is done on fraudulent certificates, the institution may face the ire of authorities.


Language Barrier

Langage can often become one of the biggest hurdles when hiring a skilled professional. Healthcare recruitment is a time-consuming and expensive process, but healthcare institutions look for candidates with the right skills and no language barrier to operate in another country.


Equal Benefits

Any opportunity to work abroad cannot be deemed lucrative without the benefits it brings to the table, such as salary packages and other allowances. However, no matter how much a healthcare professional wants to work outside, they must consider their living expenses. Therefore, to hire an international worker, institutions must focus on giving as many benefits to them as they do to their local staff.



Though some healthcare organizations may be reluctant to hire Indian workers, here are the top benefits of hiring Indian healthcare professionals that can eventually turn out to be the most reliable option.


Access To A Vast Talent Pool

Several countries across the globe are struggling with workforce shortages, and India has a vast talent pool of healthcare professionals that gives them an edge over other nations.

Healthcare professionals are more than willing to relocate to a new country for potential growth opportunities, offering institutions an edge over their competitors.


Enhanced Patient Care

Patient safety is the most critical fundamental of healthcare. Due to the growing workforce shortage, hiring staff from India means institutions can fulfill the increasing demand, and healthcare professionals can give ample time to patients even during an emergency. Moreover, having a solid backup of professionals can reduce burnout among the existing workforce, eventually improving their work-life balance and more focused patient care.


Fast Track Recruitment Process

Hiring an Indian professional may seem an uphill struggle and a lengthy process to begin with. However, the time-to-hire can be reduced if the healthcare employer engages with pre-verified candidates.

Healthcare organizations can connect with recruitment agencies, such as IFANglobal, which is well-established and has the right tactics and technology in place, along with a verified and skilled talent pool of healthcare professionals.


Diverse Workforce Outperforms

Having a diverse workforce can help an organization attract more talent globally. India is well-known for its diversity, and sourcing Indian healthcare professionals will only open an institution to more diverse professionals.

According to a 2014 meta-analysis of 25 studies, increased diversity in the healthcare workforce helps reduce or eradicate racial health disparities.


The industry is proliferating, and having the right healthcare hiring firm can reduce the institutions’ hassle. IFANglobal is a global healthcare recruitment agency experienced in sourcing the best talent from the UK, USA, India, Philippines, Singapore, UAE, Canada, Ireland, and many other countries.


IFANglobal has been a constant force helping in bridging the widening gap between institutions and professionals. With a pool of talented and skilled candidates, we have assisted various institutions with their hiring needs and have successfully placed many professionals abroad.


Is your healthcare institution facing a workforce shortage and planning to recruit Indian healthcare workers? Then, don’t wait any further. Instead, connect with IFANglobal today, and address your staffing challenges.

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