How Nurses Can Earn More?

Nursing constitutes nearly 59% of medical professionals. It is the largest occupational group in the healthcare industry. But do you know the average salary of nurses? 


In India, nurses earn an average annual salary of Rs.2,98,781 LPA. This is too low when compared with their necessities. 

Last year, when the world was struggling with the coronavirus impact, doctors and nurses emerged as true saviors. All doctors, nurses, and medical experts continued to deliver their best care throughout the year.


They performed challenging jobs during Covid-19. Their tired eyes, exhausted and bruised faces, wearing PPE kits and masks were trending on social media throughout their shift. Doctors and nurses came together to cure patients without worrying about their health.

However, this was just a glimpse highlighting the position of nurses in our society. They have played a very crucial role in delivering treatment and care to the people in need by providing result-oriented healthcare bits of advice.

Your Career As a Nurse

Choosing nursing as a career is not a problem but following the old earning concept is. 


Today, as a nurse you must be doing your full-time job that includes going to the hospital and coming back when it’s over and that’s it. But what about weekends? What about your side hustle?

There are several opportunities for nurses, you just need to explore.


Yes, you heard it right. You can do flexible jobs and work on weekends as well as after your working hours and grow multifold in your career.


What are the Benefits of Flexible Jobs?

Earn More: Anytime you are free from your duty or have a weekend, you can apply for a day or for fixed hours in other medical institutions. By doing this, you can earn more and fulfill your and your family’s necessities and wants.


Be a Part of a Diverse Workforce: By doing several jobs, you can be a part of diverse workforces. The more you work with diverse surroundings, the more tactical on-the-job knowledge you acquire.


Eliminate Monotony: Monotony is one of the declared enemies of happiness at work. Working for one hospital can cause monotony and the best way to fight is to do something engaging like work for different institutions and increase work satisfaction. 


Get Training & Varied Experience: Working for some hours or days in other institutions will change to increase exposure and enhance training. It will help you to explore more and get experience under different medical experts.


Beneficial For Medical Institutions: Not just for you as nurses, but also for healthcare institutions, flexible jobs are beneficial. Sometimes, during an emergency where they need nurses who can join for a few working hours or a day, flexible recruitment proves to be fruitful. All these needs of the institutions can be fulfilled while opening short-term vacancies for nurses. 


Get a Full-Time Job Offer: When you start working with these medical centers on a temporary basis, there is a high chance of you ending up with a permanent job offer from them. 

Sounds like something you would want to explore? 

As a nurse, it is your right to want adequate job satisfaction, justified salary, and effective training to grow in your career. Flexible recruitment is the solution you have been looking for.

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After surveying the profession of nursing and doctors, IFANglobal determined to make their destiny sparkling and land all possible opportunities for them. They are coming up with a digitized platform called “JOBIZO”.


What is JOBIZO

It’s a digitized platform where verified nurses and healthcare/medical institutions can find each other as per their requirements without spending a lot of time and effort. 

This application is not only for nurses but also for medical institutions that need nurses sometimes in an emergency for a short period of time. 


The whole recruitment process is completely digitized. From applying for a job to video call interviews and booking shifts everything happens at the tap of your fingers. Furthermore, you can search for vacancies as per needs, and can directly connect with employers. 

For more details about the upcoming platform please visit:


Wait, there’s more.

IFANglobal is also running a program called “Get Me Wings” for nurses. This program will help you in training and development for better job performance and provide you with better domestic and overseas career opportunities.

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