How Can Healthcare Professionals Get Global Recruitment?

India has been the world’s largest source for immigrant physicians since the country gained independence in 1947. Around 69,000 Indian-trained physicians worked in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia in 2017, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). India is the biggest source of nurses in the world after the Philippines. 


These countries offer higher packages as compared to India. For instance, in the U.S., a registered nurse earns $77,460 yearly while a specialized physician earns  $341,000. On the other hand in India, a specialized doctor earns around 18.4 lakhs annually while a registered nurse gets 2,98,781/-


Apart from the disparity in the salaries, the availability of better jobs, opportunities for professional or career advancement, personal development, recognition of professional expertise, a professional work environment, sensitive employment policies, stable socio-political environments, quality of life improvement, and retirement benefits are some evident reasons for the healthcare workers to migrate.


Despite having a better work and personal life, some healthcare workers remain unaware of the stellar benefits of global recruitment. Some do not find the necessary means and others do not have enough information and guidance to work in that direction. These healthcare workers limit their growth to one hospital, one city, one country and never grow to their full potential.


Let’s explore how global recruitment can bring about a change in a healthcare worker’s life. 

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  • Competitive Salary

Working in a developed country has great monetary benefits. As mentioned earlier, there is a huge disparity in the compensation provided to healthcare workers abroad versus in India. A better package means better quality of life and taking better care of family. 

Indian nurses have been offered additional salaries and benefits since the onset of the pandemic. There is a sharp rise in demand for nurses from India in listed countries like Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Ireland, Malta, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. 


  • Global Mindset

While working in different countries, healthcare professionals can provide services from a completely different perspective. They can nurture their expertise, build global contacts and grow their network multifold which enhances their careers to greater heights. 


  • Self-development

 Moving and working overseas push healthcare professionals out of their comfort zone. Nothing helps the development of skills better than disrupting a comfortable routine. Training with a global workforce and interacting with co-workers from different backgrounds opens them to a whole new world of culture. Attending to patients from different cultural backgrounds makes the healthcare workers think on their feet in adverse situations. 


  • Career Growth

In today’s healthcare recruitment market, institutions prefer hiring professionals who possess a wide range of skills and extensive work experience. Experience of working abroad attracts employers as it showcases capabilities to adapt and perform. Career advancement becomes easy as opportunities fall in place. 


Apart from these, there are many other benefits like traveling and exploring the world, learning about new cultures, making lifelong international friends, learning a new language, joining the global community, etc.


But the question remains “HOW SHOULD I GET A GLOBAL RECRUITMENT?”

Let’s answer that for you. 


How To Get Global Recruitment?


Yes, it’s not easy to get recruited abroad. But is it impossible? NO. It’s not!


You can inculcate some practices if you have a dream to work and live abroad as a healthcare professional.


  1. Get Necessary Training/Tests: There are some mandatory training and tests that need to be undertaken for global recruitment. For instance–  To work as a nurse in the UK, it is necessary to pass the CBT exam for NMC registration. Apart from these nurses have to pass ILETS/ OET to get recruited abroad. 


  1. Get industry exposure: It is vital for you to be aware of the recent industry opportunities by interacting with industry specialists. Building connections with relevant people can steer your global career growth options much faster. 


  1. Seek Expert Help: There are different laws for different countries which you need to understand. Furthermore, the process of global recruitment differs from country to country. Some countries have an easy process for getting a VISA but some don’t. You may need guidance under expertise for a smooth process.


It is always advisable for workers to seek expert help. It can get extremely overwhelming to do all this alone. 


IFANglobal is one such healthcare recruitment expert working towards the career advancements of healthcare professionals. 


It is one of the top global recruitment agencies that help and prepares healthcare professionals to achieve their dreams of better career opportunities in India and globally. 


Soon, IFANGlobal is coming up with a program called “Get Me Wings”. It’s a unique global recruitment program where healthcare professionals are trained and placed globally. 


What does it do?


This program will guide you from the beginning of your journey to the final step

It starts with helping you with free resume guidance and evaluation. In addition to this, it provides training material and necessary exam assistance. 


In addition to all this, Get Me Wings connects you with global recruiters and provides interview assistance for all your interviews. 


Not only this, you get proper visa assistance and relocation support that completes your journey and is a final step towards working abroad.


Sounds like a cohesive solution for you to get recruited anywhere across the globe? 


Contact IFAN to provide you with resources, immigration support, and training to ensure that you achieve your dreams.

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