Choosing Your Right Sourcing Partner – Why Is It Important For UK Hospitals

The UK healthcare sector is facing a potential shortage of 105,000 workers, which eventually means, there will be a need for 627,000 extra care staff by 2030-31.

The healthcare sector is growing by leaps and bounds, and so is the need for qualified healthcare professionals. 


However, with rising demand comes challenges, and healthcare recruitment is a lengthy process for professionals, where not just time but the cost is equally involved. Due to the tedious recruitment task, healthcare institutions often look for a hiring agency to make the job easier without compromising the quality of professionals.


Healthcare recruitment agencies are well-established and already have a pool of talented candidates to hire per the organization’s needs.


 Let us see the crucial role of such recruiting agencies and how to choose the right one for your requirements. 

Choosing your right sourcing partner – Why is it important For UK Hopsitals 2

What Is The Role Of A Healthcare Recruitment Agency?


Healthcare is a highly demanding profession. Therefore, finding a professional becomes very crucial. 


Imagine healthcare institutions finding staff for every role. This can take up the majority of their time and effort, thus affecting the patient’s care.


Healthcare recruitment agencies are experts in the field of hiring medical professionals. They look for talented and skilled professionals as per the organization’s need to fill a vacancy, saving their time, effort, and money. 


Choosing The Right Sourcing Partner

This blog will help you determine what traits to look for in a healthcare recruitment agency to decide whether it can bring value to your institution or not and why it is crucial to choose the right sourcing partner.


Pool of Talented Professionals

A good recruitment agency will always have a skilled candidates database ready beforehand. Therefore, before sealing the deal with any healthcare agency, it is a must on the institution’s part to carefully analyze whether they have a strong and diverse database of candidates or not.

For example Hospitals in the UK might be in need of bilingual nurses or doctors for smoother patient care. 


Pre-verified Database

Recruitment is a lengthy process. Hence, having a pre-verified database of candidates reduces the time-to-hire. 

Since the healthcare sector caters to the needs of patients 24/7, there is never a time to rest. Therefore, in times of crisis, institutions tend to prefer pre-verified candidates if there is an immediate need, while healthcare agencies can come to the aid of organizations.


Round-the-Clock Support

Healthcare is an unpredictable sector. Therefore, it is crucial to be future-ready for any crisis. Thus, the best way to deal with an emergency is by strengthening the healthcare workforce. Accordingly, some healthcare recruitment agencies offer round-the-clock support in such situations with a larger pool of skilled workers.

For example: During the pandemic, many hospital operations were collapsing due to staff shortages. In such a scenario you need an agency that is literally a call away to address your concerns. 


Recruitment Solutions

The expertise of healthcare recruiters can bring much more stability to an institution. In addition, healthcare agencies have permanent and flexible staffing models to assist healthcare institutions as per their needs.


Workforce Strategy

Sourcing a top talent can be a challenge. Therefore, with the help of a sourcing partner, institutions can ensure the best workforce strategy for day-to-day operations and possible emergencies.


Cost-effective Recruitment

Cost is one of the biggest concerns for healthcare institutions across the globe. As a result, healthcare institutions are often under tremendous pressure to keep hiring costs low. However, since traditional hiring methods are costly, healthcare agencies provide the best outcome at a minimal cost.


Less Administrative Burden

Hospitals are crowded with patients and more so during any emergency. Therefore, healthcare institutions have to deal with patient inflow while figuring out ways to complete routine administrative tasks. Hiring an experienced healthcare agency can reduce this burden by streamlining the day-to-day administrative operations with the help of technology. From sorting the job applications and arranging interviews to assisting healthcare institutions by automating processes, the right healthcare agency can be a blessing in disguise for organizations.

Choosing your right sourcing partner – Why is it important For UK Hopsitals 3

While there are many challenges surrounding the healthcare industry, only a robust workforce is the solution for the efficient functioning of institutions and better patient care. Having a healthcare recruitment agency can ensure a reliable on-demand workforce.


If you are a healthcare institution, looking for all these qualities in a single recruitment agency, then your search stops right here. IFANglobal can help your healthcare institution successfully pass through any roadblocks of workforce challenges. 


With over 20 years of expertise in healthcare hiring and associations with the top hospitals across globe, IFANglobal is a recruitment agency that offers permanent and flexible staffing solutions to medical institutions across the globe.


IFANglobal has tailored recruitment solutions to suit the needs of healthcare institutions for all its workforce demands.

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