How To Make Your Healthcare Institution A Healthier Workplace?

“The wealth of business depends on the health of workers.”

– Dr. Maria Neira, WHO Director, Department of Public Health and Environment


A healthier workplace is paramount for the employees’ well-being, which eventually positions the organization toward a growth trajectory.


A healthy workplace environment is where the employee’s health, safety, and well-being are continuously promoted and given utmost importance.


Healthcare is indeed one of the most stressful professions, whereas medical professionals are the most stressed-out employees. It is therefore vital for these medical institutions to create a healthy environment for their employees. 

Burnout And Workload Among Healthcare Professionals


Burnout is described as long-term work-related stress leading to fatigue and mental and physical health deterioration. 


According to the Medscape Physician Burnout & Depression Report 2022, stress, anxiety, and anger found a 5% increase in burnout, from 42% in 2020 to 47% in 2021. However, on the other hand, ER physician burnout jumped from 43% to 60% in 2021.


Healthcare professionals are often left in the lurch and exhausted due to too much workload, leading to burnout. The lack of support from institutions, immense work pressure, and workforce shortages are just some reasons leading to a complete breakdown in the well-being of healthcare professionals.

Ways To Build A Healthier Workplace Environment


Healthcare workplace safety is necessary for professionals. Since businesses thrive on employees, professionals remain the backbone of organizations. Therefore, a healthier workplace environment is crucial for healthcare institutions that want their business to prosper.


Let’s understand how healthcare institutions can be a healthier workplace.


Nurturing Professional Development

Learning is an ongoing process; therefore, fostering professional development among a skilled workforce will help institutions deliver more satisfactory patient outcomes. Unfortunately, the world is dealing with an extreme shortage of talented healthcare professionals. Hence, empowering professionals through education will be the best way to serve the healthcare industry.


Mitigate Staffing Shortages

Healthcare professionals are often overburdened and overworked. Therefore, institutions can best resolve this by hiring qualified professionals instead of unnecessarily burdening the already overburdened staff. 


Having a sufficient workforce automatically reduces the additional workload of medical professionals. Hiring an experienced staffing agency can be the best way to work around staffing concerns. 


Staffing agencies like IFANglobal have been helping institutions worldwide with their permanent and flexible staffing models while bringing diverse and qualified talent to the forefront.


Improving HR Policies

Indeed, the healthcare sector has the most stressful jobs, and medical emergencies make it an even more challenging environment for professionals, which comes with an enormous degree of stress. 


To deal with such a situation, institutions can work around their HR policies to build a better framework for the overall well-being of professionals. A holistic policy approach is required to address the challenges and enhance the work environment for health professionals.


Recognize, Reward, Compensate

A good workplace will always acknowledge the efforts of its healthcare workers, who are putting in extra effort to deliver better patient outcomes.

Despite the risk to their life, healthcare professionals always rise to the occasion during any medical emergency such as Covid-19. When efforts such as these are recognized and rewarded, employees feel motivated to work further, forming a deeper connection with the healthcare institutions, eventually fostering a positive workplace environment and improving retention rates.


As healthcare institutions grow in size and numbers, the responsibility lies with them to give a healthy work environment for the professionals to perform. 



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