Why Choose IFANglobal Over Other Recruitment Agencies?

The healthcare staffing market is growing globally—the market was estimated to be valued at $34.7 Billion in 2021 and is expected to reach US$47.8 Billion by 2026.


Healthcare staffing is the process of hiring medical professionals for temporary and permanent needs in order to serve patients at various medical facilities.


Why Hire A Healthcare Staffing Agency?


The healthcare industry has always dealt with workforce shortages, which remain a cause of worry for several medical institutions worldwide. And therefore, an experienced staffing agency can reduce the hiring hassle and fulfill all the workforce-related concerns.


Healthcare hiring agencies have the required expertise and a diverse pool of talented professionals, which can significantly help during a crisis. Additionally, with permanent and flexible staffing models, an expert staffing agency can assist healthcare institutions as per their needs.


Why Choose IFANglobal As Your Recruitment Partner?


From necessary expertise to an efficient hiring model, a staffing agency can save time and money for healthcare institutions while finding well-qualified professionals. As a matchmaker, the responsibility of bridging the gap between healthcare employers and candidates lies with them.


Here are some reasons to choose IFANglobal as your go-to healthcare recruitment partner.

Free Recruitment

Some healthcare candidates fall prey to job scams where fake staffing agencies ask for money. 

However, IFANglobal is a reputed company that believes in sourcing the best talent to fill the gap in the healthcare industry and, therefore, doesn’t charge a single penny from the candidates. 



Association With Top Global & Domestic Hospitals

As one of the leading healthcare recruitment agencies, IFANglobal has served numerous clients for over two decades and placed several healthcare professionals worldwide. IFANglobal has been relentlessly working with healthcare institutions and believes in offering quality services while providing an engaging hiring experience that aligns well with their needs.



Rich Experience Of 20+ Years 

Experience speaks volumes about a company’s growth. Since its inception in 2001, IFANglobal began its journey keeping in mind the growing needs of the healthcare sector and workforce demand. 

The industry acknowledges the continuous hard work of IFANglobal and, therefore, was awarded as the best healthcare recruitment company in Asia by CMO Asia.



20K+ Professionals Employed Through IFANglobal

With an in-house database of over 200,000 healthcare professionals, IFANglobal has been working tirelessly to cater to the demand of the healthcare sector and has successfully placed more than 20000+ professionals worldwide.



Complete Compliance Check

IFANglobal has served over 300 employers across four continents and also assists them in maintaining the NABH/JCI accreditation by remaining compliant with the set benchmarks of quality care. 

Also, IFANglobal undergoes a complete background verification of each and every candidate to ensure quality workforce for all the healthcare institutions. 



Government Approved Agency

IFANglobal is a government-approved staffing agency committed to ethical national-international recruitment and is focused on attracting the most promising talent. 


IFANglobal is the staffing agency you must trust to fulfill all your professional plans if you are looking to hire a quality workforce.


Talk to us about your human resource requirements, and our recruitment team will provide you access to a large and diverse pool of talented candidates with pre-verified credentials.

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