Prepare Your Perfect Medical CV For NHS Jobs As An International Healthcare Professional

Is working at the NHS your dream?

Have you finally decided to expand your career beyond your motherland and move to the UK?

Well, then you have excellent selection prospects. 

According to official statistics, the NHS is facing an unprecedented staffing crisis as the number of unfilled posts across health services in England increases to 110,192.

There is an increasing demand for talented healthcare professionals across the UK. With this growing workforce shortage, your dream to work at NHS hospitals across the UK could become a reality. 

But before you start looking for an international job, preparing your medical CV should be your first step. 

Did You Know?

According to Career Builder, nearly one-fourth (24%) of hiring managers spend less than 30 seconds looking at a CV, which means you have less than a minute to leave a lasting impression.

Looks tough? Right?

We will make it look easy with this blog right here. 

Let’s first understand why you need a well-presented CV that highlights your career achievements in a clear, concise, and attention-grabbing way.

Why Do You Need An Excellent Curriculum Vitae To Begin With?

Your medical CV is the mirror to your profession. A CV tells your career path and your achievements to the hiring managers. 

Your first good impression begins with your well-prepared CV and can help you attract lucrative job offers from UK healthcare employers. Hence, working on enhancing your curriculum vitae that looks neat and professional is a must.

Here’s a brief of what sections you need to include in your CV for NHS jobs.

  • Personal details (Eg: Name, Address, GMC registration if relevant, etc.)
  • Medical qualifications
  • Work history, job role, and relevant career achievements so far
  • Attended training and conferences
  • Membership in any medical institutions
  • Medical research work and projects that you undertook (if at all carried out)
  • Valuable skills required for the job
  • Three references: Name & contact information of at least three people and how they are related to you, with one being your current educational/job manager.

Keep these details in mind while building your CV without fabricating any information.

Now, let’s uncover how you can perfect your CV for NHS jobs in the UK.

Below are some pointers you need to keep in mind before you start crafting your CV for UK NHS jobs. 

Keep your CV short but to the point

Reading a lengthy CV is often tiring and equally exhausting for a recruiter.

So, what should you do?

Try to keep it concise but don’t forget to make it impactful.

The ideal length of your CV should be anywhere between 1 to 2 pages. The shorter, the better it will be for the recruiter to go through all the required information about your job profile and expertise. 

Keep your CV short but to the point

Proper Layout & Order 

An all-over-the-place CV? A big no!

To be among the shortlisted candidates, you must prepare your CV in a proper format—a consistent design and layout matter for the recruiter to gather more information in a short period.

Additionally, your job information must be in reverse chronological order, meaning your most recent one must take the top spot. 

Proper layout & order

Pay Attention To Your Details

Do you want to stand out from the rest? 

Then don’t forget to add all your job-related skills (clinical or non-clinical) and achievements on your curriculum vitae to grab the recruiter’s attention.

From experience to demonstrating all your career achievements, educational qualifications, and unique skill set, paying critical attention to detail is a must. 

Additionally, never exaggerate yourself and only mention details that are true to your knowledge.

Pay attention to your details

Tailor Your CV As Per The Requirements

Perhaps you have been forwarding the same CV to different jobs. Well, never do that. 

Chances are that requirements may differ from one job to another, so it’s better to customize it accordingly, as it remains one of the key areas to work on. Also, highlight your skills and achievements as per the job you are applying for.

Tailor your CV as per the requirements

Avoid Spelling & Grammatical Errors

You don’t want the recruiter to spot spelling and grammar errors while reviewing your CV. Do you?

So, what and how should you do it?

Firstly, create your CV in UK English. Secondly, either proofread yourself or get help from various online tools to ensure your error-free CV is ready to circulate. 

Avoid Spelling & Grammatical Errors

Use Powerful Words In Your CV

Using impactful action words enhances your chances of getting shortlisted and strengthens your CV.

Recruiters review dozens of CVs on a daily basis. With a limited attention span, avoiding overused words and using unique words that resonate with your profile will only boost your employment chances.

Use powerful words in your CV

Mention Your Language Proficiency

Are you a native English speaker, or have you passed IELTS/OET tests?

Then don’t forget to mention your English language proficiency in your CV.

Language skills are critically important when applying for jobs at the NHS. Sound knowledge of English is a must if you wish to work in the UK.

If you have passed IELTS or OET tests, then having these language details on your CV is a must.

Mention your language proficiency


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