The Diverse Healthcare Workforce At NHS And How Crucial It Is For Improved Patient Care

Did You Know?

There are over 200 nationalities that are currently employed at NHS hospitals in the UK.

As one of the world’s largest employers with over a million staff, the NHS has always relied on international healthcare professionals to run its operations smoothly and successfully.

Over the years, the NHS has grown from strength to strength. Even though most of the staff employed at the NHS are British, the number of non-British staff is constantly rising as the NHS recruits more people from other countries to enhance the UK’s healthcare delivery system.

Till June 2022, there were about 222,107 NHS staff who reported non-British nationality. 

The rising gap between healthcare supply and demand is no surprise to anyone. In such a scenario, inviting non-British professionals to work in the NHS seems like the most sorted after strategy. 

Today’s blog will shed light on diversity in the healthcare workforce

How a multicultural workforce and professionals with a global mindset bring innovation to the table while helping the NHS enhance patient care.



Diversity In Healthcare Workforce


Do you know what happens when healthcare employees from different cultures come together to work? 

New ideas ignite, innovation comes in and a smoothing working condition is fostered. 

That is what the NHS is trying to accomplish!

With workplace diversity, NHS has been building a team of professionals with the right mix of talents and different perspectives, driving operational excellence. 

Apart from this, there is one more dimension of healthcare which gets greatly improved with a diverse healthcare workforce!

Diversity In Healthcare Workforce


Improved Patient Care! 

Wondering how? 

Read Along!

No Language Barrier Means A Better Understanding Of Patient’s Needs

Improved patient engagement is critical in delivering quality patient care. However, the language barrier may expose gaps between the patient and the healthcare provider. Language barriers cause unfavourable clinical outcomes, such as misdiagnosis, which adversely affects the patient’s health and causes a waste of resources, driving healthcare costs.

Language barriers often lead to miscommunication, negatively impacting the healthcare delivery system and patient satisfaction. A diverse healthcare workforce can reduce this hassle by bridging the widening linguistic gap and ensuring there is no indirect increase in healthcare costs.

No Language Barrier


Collaboration With Diverse Teams Drives Innovation & Better Clinical Outcomes

An all-inclusive, diverse team is well-positioned to address the growing needs of the healthcare industry. 

Since the team comprises professionals from different backgrounds and nationalities, they come with valuable perspectives.

Every professional stands for a different way of seeing a problem at hand, a different approach and a different solution, with the same goal of a BETTER PATIENT CARE!

Collaboration With Diverse Teams


Better Patient-Provider Engagement Builds Trust & Boost The Healthcare Delivery System

In pursuit of quality healthcare, the industry must recognise a critical factor — the patient-provider bond. A better patient-provider relationship can set high standards and increase patient loyalty toward the healthcare facility in the foreseeable future. 

A study in the Annals of Family Medicine found that better patient-provider relationships mean better patient health outcomes. 

When patients and professionals have seamless communication, it opens more doorways to narrow down the gap in the healthcare system. 

A multicultural workforce is a remedy the healthcare industry needs as it helps build trust within communities and among patients who feel underrepresented at healthcare facilities. 

Better Patient-Provider Engagement


The UK NHS has been instrumental in creating a healthcare setting with professionals of different nationalities working under the same roof, nurturing the patient-provider bond, and continuously pushing the envelope to boost the UK healthcare system further.

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