Want to Start a Career Abroad?

Want to Start a Career Abroad? Healthcare Recruitment Agencies Will Help You Healthcare recruitment agencies can be crucial in landing a job position at a hospital abroad. They help you in a number of ways: Apply for a work visa and handle the ensuing lengthy process Find a job opening suited to your professional profile  […]

Choosing Your Right Sourcing Partner – Why Is It Important For UK Hospitals

The UK healthcare sector is facing a potential shortage of 105,000 workers, which eventually means, there will be a need for 627,000 extra care staff by 2030-31. The healthcare sector is growing by leaps and bounds, and so is the need for qualified healthcare professionals.    However, with rising demand comes challenges, and healthcare recruitment […]

Composition and Distribution of Nurses across India

Nurses: True Asset For Any Healthcare Nurses and midwives are frequently the first and in some cases, the only healthcare providers that individuals encounter, therefore the efficacy of their initial analysis, monitoring, and treatment is critical. Also, with their work they present their community, embrace its tradition, strengths, weaknesses and help create and deliver preventive […]

Omicron 2022-How Can Nurses Contribute Without Compromising Their Health

Did you know?  Covid-19 has affected 1700+ doctors across nine states of India, and it is rising rapidly. The healthcare industry lost 450,000 workers from February 2020 through November mostly nurses and residential-care employees.  The alarming part is that currently, we have only 1.7 nurses per 1000 population, which is less than the recommended rate […]